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What are the best bridal beauty tips for a winter wedding?

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   “The Best bridal beauty tip for a winter wedding”

The advantage of a wedding in winter is that you offer your loved ones a real moment of happiness and warmth in the midst of gray and wet days.
It is clear that it is not more complicated to get married off season, you just have to adapt: ​​for the dress obviously but also for your beauty! 
The skin is actually put to the test at this time of the year … the hot / cold daily and the wind can create redness, small irritations, so to avoid all this is here:

# 1. The Food advice!

First of all, think of eating well : vegetables, fruits and a lot of water! It is true that with the cold we have more desire for rich dishes but be careful it will be immediately on your skin!
Also limit chocolate and alcohol during the 2 weeks before D-Day (this is also valid for other brides of the year) and you will avoid the terrible pimples.
Diet also has an impact on your sleep : think so light (without depriving you!) … The makeup actually works wonders but if we can limit dark circles it’s still great …

# 2. You have to agree with the weather …

The essential thing to avoid the discomfort of a skin that pulls is: hydration  !
With the changes of temperature , this one must constantly adapt, the interior atmosphere is very dry with the heating therefore: HYDRATEZ .
If you naturally have dry skin then force on oils: argan oil serum is happiness!
If on the contrary you have a skin with fat tendency but it suffers from the cold: apply a jojoba oil , it works miracles!
And if you do not know the nature of your skinand do not know at all what to use: go to an institute for a skin diagnosis , it takes 10 minutes.

# 3. How do I heal my skin?

Give yourself a little break every week for a gentle peel on your face and décolleté, followed by a nourishing mask or soothing  ultra comfort, according to your needs.
If you have a bare back for THE dress, consider erasing this part 1 or 2 times a month or brush with a suitable Loofah brush , followed by a good moisturizer or shea butter, sweet almond oil.
Ask your sweetheart for a little massage , well what is it for the wedding … #onaledroitdeprofiter

# 4. The mimines & the hair … we do not forget them!

Winter is fatal for your hands, the mandatory combo: Cream + gloves!  Remember to hydrate them after each hand washing (a small tube of cream in the bag / in the office and at home)
The ideal would also be to offer you a manicure by a pro, at least once, it’s a real happiness.

Another victim of winter  : Hair!
The hat, the knit headband, the sweaters that rub, the cold and the hot … Ouch ouch it hurts!
First you need to find the right shampoo! If you are not satisfied with yours, ask your hairdresser (it’s still him the expert) a wash 1 or 2 times a week is good if you have medium to long hair : because that “Less is more” is also for your mane.

If you have long hair , apply a mask once a week, leave for 2 hours during a session or in front of a good film, and after the rinse apply a pressure of Argan oil.
Moreover, if you apply each morning (on your dry hair) you will avoid the forks to appear too quickly!

Forget the long blow-drys , the heat it burns, from time to time it does not matter but after each shampoo it becomes!
If it’s unavoidable then use a heat protector .

# 5.The day has arrived …

On this beautiful day, avoid staying out too long!
As you probably will not wear a cap but a pretty hairstyle , finally I wish you, the wedding makeup can not hide your nose becomes all red because of the rather low temperature (#RudolfNonThank you)!
The hands and feet are your priority, remember to wear warm shoes , at least for the photo shoot and the church, and opt for beautiful gloves or mittens , remember the heat goes first by the extremities.

You can afford more makeup than the rest of the year because the complexions are clearer this season and the idea is to give your color a little, especially if you wear a white dress , it will definitely be more appropriate.
Natural cheekbones but present for the good-looking effect and if you like, choose a pigmented lipstick enough to bring strength to your smile woman filled, finally complete with a touch of highlighter to attract light on all the key points of your face and you are ready to say yes.

Bonus Lyon-mariage.com // The key points of your face to illuminate or the principle of Strobing !

    • A line above your lips, in the center, to make an impression of luscious lips!
    • A little light above the eyebrows to brighten the look.
    • Likewise below the eyebrows to enlarge the look.
    • Under the eyes to clear dark circles and relax.
    • In the hollow of the eyes to wake up the look.
    • On the nose line to refine it!
    • On the chin to refine it.

# 6. The little more very important!

To conclude, my best tips to be completely serene: make you advise and accompany by an expert , ask to make tests to be perfectly comfortable and let you carry.
Dear brides-to-be, do not disguise yourself, stay on your own, with a little extra!

For the record, the idea was to draw inspiration from the colors of autumn and bring a touch of boldness by highlighting the beautiful tattoos of Ulfa: the result is a beautiful mix of strength and sweetness. The light is soothing, the bouquet composed with deer antlers is superb and gives a wild touch to this atmosphere, the florist has also created a nice comb reminder tones, which blends in wonderfully in this beautiful thick braid .

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