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What are the best tips for skin care in winter?

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Follow some tips to take care of your skin from the cold in winter and achieve a radiant dermis all year.

In these days that the cold is at the order of the day , our skin begins to suffer more than necessary.

Especially in our skin, since it is one of the areas of our body where the skin is thinner and therefore, more will notice these changes.

It is directly exposed to rain, cold or snow .

So we have to know what care our skin needs in winter so that it does not leave a mark on us.

We recommend some tips for skin care in winter that are ideal and you can choose according to the needs of your skin.

Put them into practice and check the results.

Tips to take care of your skin in winter :

The application of masks is the best solution for you to look smooth, smooth and beautiful skin, protecting it from the inclemency of the weather in a natural way and without finishing at the same time with your budget.

Keep in mind that not all skins need the same care , so it is essential that care is focused on the type of skin we have.

Caring for sensitive skin in winter

All types of skin suffer especially during this time of year, but if there is a type of skin that really goes bad is sensitive skin , due, above all, to sudden changes in temperature.

These are, changes of temperature in the sensitive skins often repel in rednesses and until thus, sometimes, they can derive in more serious cutaneous affections.

All skin may suffer sensitivity problems so it is necessary to take the necessary precautions in all of them ( dry, mixed or fat ).

It is important to have a Moisturizing Cream for sensitive skin.

The application should be repeated whenever the skin feels tight or dry, since this is the main symptom that tells us that our skin is suffering.

Mask of yogurt and sugar, effective for tired skin

Apply some yogurt mixed with a spoonful of sugar , avoiding the area around the eyes.

Relax for 20 or 15 minutes and rinse your face with fresh water.

This mask softens, rejuvenates and restores the pH balance in your skin, protecting it from the winter air.

Egg mask for oily skin with large pores:
Apply an egg yolk to the face, let it act for half an hour, and then rinse with water.

This mask will create a natural barrier that will protect the skin from the cold winter winds.

Oatmeal mask, a great remedy for skin damaged by cold weather

To prepare it, mix oatmeal, egg yolk and honey in equal proportions .

Leave the mask for approximately 20 minutes and then wash with warm water.

After the application, you will notice the soft and fresh skin.

Avocado mask, perfect for dry skin and irritated in winter

In most cases, the problem of sensitivity in the skin is associated with dry and dehydrated skin , so with the arrival of cold, extreme precautions must be taken.

The hydration of the skin has never been neglected, so it is advisable to use it in nutritive creams .

Since they allow our skin to regain balance and hydration.

It is easy to make, crush the pulp of the avocado with a fork, add a touch of olive oil (5 drops) and apply this mixture on the face.

This nourishing mask will provide the skin with a large amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and flattering agents for winter dryness.

Other elements that you can include in the masks, depending on the type of skin, are:

Dry skin: olive oil, warm honey, cream and avocado.

Maybe you’re interested: Tips for dark circles .

Oily skin: yeast, warm milk, tomato, cucumber, egg and carrots.

Other Tips to take care of your skin in winter:

It is advisable to use make-up in cream during the winter, since in this way we ensure a second skin.

It is important to apply sun protection , since the sun’s ultraviolet rays continue to affect our skin in winter.

Tips to take care of your skin in winter

A Factor 15 or Factor 20 protection is recommended.

It is important to protect the skin of our body properly with hats, gloves, scarves , etc …

Since the sudden changes of temperature affect in a very negative way in our skin, as we have seen.

It is important to take care of our skin in winter and take into account some tricks of feminine beauty , so that with the arrival of good weather, our skin looks luminous, and premature aging of our skin will be avoided.

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