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What are the differences between serum and cream?

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We often wonder what to use for daily facial care and what are the real function so named serums or creams usual in our skin . It is quite possible that sometimes we make mistakes because we confuse the particularities of each. Aliar the effects of creams and serums it is essential to keep your skin looking radiant.

serum usually has a light formulation with a smooth base and smooth texture. Its basic peculiarity lies in the high concentration of components containing per milliliter with a tissue absorption capacity. With very little, the serum is able to make an immediate and deep nourishment of the lower stratum corneum of the skin .

Differential fundamental characteristics of
sérum :

creams , however, have a function moisturizing . This is due to the higher concentration of fatty and minor components of aqueous component. Although they contain similar active ingredients and have beneficial effects on the skin, they are very different products.

Thus, the choice of sérum and its composition corresponds to the final effect we want.
On the contrary, we know that the right choice of moisturizer depends on your
skin type and composition, tilting the balance (oil / water) between the final characteristics of the emulsion by which we choose.

complementary use of cream and serum guarantees increased profits and efficiency. So what we recommend in your daily beauty routine is based on gentle washing, care around the eyes and lips, and then applying a serum. After completely absorbed, you must use your treatment of blisters proteoglycan MartiDerm and your usual moisturizer. Finally, you can apply makeup, if you prefer.

Given the high concentration of serum, we must use small amounts in the
form of drops and distribute it over his face to cover the entire facial surface. The steps to be followed are:

Smooth application of serum, its rapid absorption and that have a low concentration of oils emulates a feeling cleaner and hydrated.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
We recommend, therefore, the complementary use of both. We will bring nutrition and deep repair with the serum, and more superficial hydration with creams or blisters MartiDerm. So our carefully keep hydrated and healthy skin.

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