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What are the most frequent skin diseases in women? – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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Exposure to sun, cold temperatures, stress and hormonal changes are some of the factors affecting women’s skin , triggering problems such as dehydration, irritation or staining. Sometimes these signs are a warning sign of possible skin diseases and the question arises: what are the most common in women? “Rosacea and contact dermatitis are common followed by solar lentigines and Syndrome Saha, a disorder associated with menstrual disorders characterized by seborrhea, acne , hirsutism and alopecia” explains Maria Jose Alonso, a dermatologist at the Clinic Dermal and Torrecárdenas Hospital, Almeria and author of the blog Dermatology and more. Also it notes that the lichen sclerosus, a type of genital injury, appears more often in menopause.

In the above conditions, Eugenia Pastushenkola, member of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV) adds alopecia : “30 percent of women between 40 and 60 years suffer”. With regard to differences by age, Alonso said that solar lentigines and alopecia “are more typical of older people while acne is more common in young people.”

The biggest drawback, especially in the case of rosacea is that they are conditions that are not always diagnosed. “We often describe symptoms, but patients are unaware they have the disease” , says Blanca Velasco, pharmaceutical and expert in Dermopharmacy University of Pharmacy Velasco Valdepeñas in Jaen.

Because of the role of hormones in skin health, pregnancy is a period in which some lesions appear on the skin. “Vascular, endocrine, metabolic and immunological changes that make women more susceptible to skin changes occur , ” Alonso said. Some of these disorders are ” the impetigo herpetiformis , which is a form of pustular psoriasis, and cholestasis of pregnancy, caused primarily by hepatic impairment box”, specifies.

In these situations, the main performance is referral to a doctor and a product recommendation if applicable. “The first thing I do is refer the dermatologist and, in the case of rosacea, recommend paraben free products and those to help relieve burning and tightness of the skin , ” says Blanca Velasco. Alonso agrees with this view: “They should assess whether what they have is more than a cosmetic problem pathology.”
With regard to the monitoring of patients, Velasco rate the importance of checking that treatment and follow doctor ‘s orders . If older people well advised to explain how to apply the prescription and resolve any questions you have. On the use of cosmetics in women with these diseases it maintains that the key is to consider possible contraindications with other medications.

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