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What components should an anti-wrinkle cream contain?

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Surely you’ve ever wondered what the real effectiveness of a wrinkle cream. The answer to that question is no secret, but has a simple solution: their effectiveness lies in the ingredients it contains.

Wrinkling is linked to aging and conditioned by factors such independent individual genetic, but also dependent factors such as nutrition and environmental exposure.
Ultraviolet radiation is the main cause of premature aging. To stop it there
several ingredients wrinkle creams, in appropriate concentrations, achieved its purpose: attenuate and moderate signs of aging skin. Some of these ingredients are coenzyme Q10, retinoic acid, antioxidants such as vitamins C and E, and alpha hydroxy acids.

Indeed, the
treatments applied topically act on the fine wrinklesand have a preventive beneficial effect on deeper. So, they improve the appearance of aging skin and also exert an action that can reverse the process of cell degeneration linked to the passage of time.

Wrinkle creams should not contain
parabens (preservatives). These chemicals, which are very common in current formulations, and act as preservatives prevent microbial proliferation, but may alter the hormonal balance of the body and produce intolerance, dermatitis or allergic reactions.

Choose formulations containing
photoresist solar, which have a nourishing effect with antioxidants and, above all, that hydrate your skin type. In addition it is always better to opt for emollients that are pleasant to apply and comfortable after absorption; and, of course, that they do not generate unwanted side effects. Simple and easy.

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