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What differentiates the skin from the eye contour of other areas? – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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Skin contour is the most fragile area around the face, which easily reflects any alteration. And, this area is virtually designed to support muscles and sebaceous glands. To this must be added that is poor in collagen and elastin fibers and certain circulation problems may have the most visible manifestation in circles .

As hemely Varela Aponte explains, the Training Department of Laboratories Darphin Spain , with the passage of time, the eye contour loses its firmness, causing bags and sagging, and is an area in constant movement, also it favors the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

“These features make the eye area suffers premature signs of aging,” he explains.

Therefore, the expert points out that it is necessary for the eye contour contains assets aimed at improving acting at three levels:

1. Drain. It is imperative that active circulation.
2. Hydrate. Being such a thin skin dehydrates easily.
3. Addressing wrinkles and provide firmness.

Remember that it is also essential to respect the tear pH to avoid irritation to the eye.

Assets that best meet these functions are, according to Varela:

1. Caffeine. It is an excellent activator of blood circulation. Improves the appearance of dark circles.

2. Hyaluronic acid. It provides moisture and acts as a sponge thanks to its ability to capture water and swell into the furrows of the skin.

3. Vitamins. They have an antioxidant effect. Inhibit the action of free radicals and prevent aging.

4. Peptides. Stimulate collagen production and improve firmness.

Varela warning not to use a specific product has consequences. “It may cause some irritation or slow the drainage of the area, formed dark circles and puffiness.”

Equally important is properly apply it . The expert should be explained that “the eye bone and perform smoothing movements from the inside out and pressing the index finger above the eyebrow and the lower eye contour”. “-more- would end with a draining action with small movements of waves on the boundary”.


As specific contour products, Varela points out that Darphin has the following cosmetic and describe each of them:

Serum anti – puffiness and dark circles . It has a light texture, which smooths and renews tired eyes, marked with puffiness and dark circles. Returns a calm and rested appearance.

Serum lifting eyelids defined . It helps to restructure the eyelids to open the eyes from all angles.

Gel smoothes antifatiga. It contains the freshness of a gel and a cream smoothness. It has a light texture that penetrates quickly into the skin. Moisturizes, brightens and gives vitality.

correcting wrinkle cream. It is a silky cream that improves the resistance of the eye contour and protects the collagen fibers. Revitalizes and stimulates cell renewal.

Brightening Eye Creams Ideal Resource . Moisturizing brightens slightly pigmented and elasticity.

Stimulskin plus eye contour cream divine . It is an anti – aging cream, specially adapted to the fragile area around the eyes. Multicorrección contains ingredients that promote anti – aging, luminosity and increased hydration. The skin is more firm and flexible.

Refreshing Eye Mask . Moisturizes and decongests the eye contour. Also soothes, refreshes, drains, moisturizes and helps firm and revitalize.




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