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What is a micelle and how does it help your skin?

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Increasingly , the concept of micellar and discussed water use in daily and deep cleansing facial . But what are the micelles? To understand the concept and function as especially beneficial in facial cleansing we will have to delve into concepts of chemistry … but, do not panic! We promise it’s easy!

micelle is a molecular structure linking grouping a set of particles in a peculiar way. Through the formation of these structures is the mechanism by which some soaps solubilized fat. But how do they get it ? Because we know that fats (oils) and water repel each other. Simple. The micelles are formed into circular polarized structures, where its external portion attracts the fat (lipophilic) while its inner portion attracts water (hydrophilic).

Therefore, through this mechanism if our product contains micellar water can generate an effect
surfactant. That is, we will clean the surface of the skin because we will have ability to attract like a magnet dirt and grease from the skin leaving it trapped in this type of micellar structures. After a smooth drag, we get the micelles and all they contain.

These molecular bonds micellar are very small and have a high pulling power of all substances that are nested in the outside of the skin, as residual contamination, production remains tallow or grease, makeup, cells corneal dead … etc.
Although these structures are really small, they can not be
absorbed by our skin. Therefore they have no risk of creating allergic reactions .

It’s so true.
Facial cleansing is essential for proper skin cell renewal occurs, absorb the necessary nutrients and look healthier and brighter.

micellar formula can be found in different textures. It was common to find only in fluids by aqueous solutions, by their molecular composition. But now there are formulations that have managed to provide more emollients and denser textures. Although we think that as explained it is not possible by the concept of micellar structure it is more colloid and antagonistic against fat. You can get the gels or oils are fluidifiquen and therefore incorporate micellar structures. This has significant advantages, for dry or sensitive skin since they manage to avoid brittleness when initiating treatment. It manages to reduce friction during application without minimizing its potential cleaning action to mobilize in a fluid medium.

Based on how cleans the outer surface of the skin, without going into deeper layers, it is suitable for all skin types.

However … We recommend that if you have the fragile, dry or sensitive skin we recommend the formulation in
oils . And depending on your preferences you can choose from aqueous solution or gel.

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