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What is hyperhidrosis?

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Hyperhidrosis is a syndrome manifested by excessive sweating , higher than usual, which can occur throughout the body or in localized areas , especially in the palms of the hands, soles of feet, armpits or face areas.

Sweating is a functional phenomenon has to do with the characteristics of each individual and the excretion of salts by the features
eccrine glands of the skin to achieve adequate body thermoregulation. Therefore, peaks sweating can become completely normal and physiological, if due to an increase in body temperature induced by exercise, fever, emotional stimuli or ambient temperature.

However, when the amount of
sweat is excessive , highly recurrent episodes or there is no apparent cause, you can present a picture of hyperhidrosis. The problem is that this sweating is highly annoying and can hinder and condition your social or work life.
Primary hyperhidrosis is usually multifactorial cause and affects up to
3% of the population . However, we recommend see a dermatologist and discard secondary hyperhidrosis, underlying diseases such as hyperthyroidism, diabetes and some neurological disorders or parotid gland, before undertaking targeted treatments.
Treatment is usually symptomatic in its early stages and is based on
reducing the excessive sweating through measures and topical products.
It is based on the inhibition of secretion of the glands sudoríporas by
applying a lotion, spray or roll-on . Preparations are based on aluminum salts with antiinflammatory substances that reduce the irritant effect and itching that may occur for excessive sweating.
Its application at night on dry skin is recommended, to get control of
symptoms and daytime sweating form.
It should be noted that the main side effect may be irritation of the skin.

It is true that topical treatment is only oriented in the form of mild to
moderate intensity dermocutánea alteration. If hyperhidrosis progresses, require other more aggressive treatment:

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