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What is the facial peeling?

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Many times we talk about the importance of clean and exfoliate your face to improve results dermacosméticos treatments. In particular, I ‘m sure you’ve heard about facial peels, however we usually have doubts about what they are exactly that means for our skin. In today’s post we will explain what a facial peeling and how we introduce in our beauty treatments.

concept comes from the English ” peel ” which basically translates to “peel”. This is a procedure in which keratolytic substances used produce slight corrosion in the outer layers of the skin . This results in a subsequent process of exfoliation or desquamation of the cells located in the outermost portion of the skin.

the goal of peeling is to improve the quality of the skin surfacewhich it is undergoing a process of pathological alteration, or simply the product of our natural aging oxidation. For this greatly reduces the dead cells of these outermost layers, releasing them and allowing younger and deeper layers produced in cells reach this level.
This physiological rejuvenation process is completed in about a month . If we remove this aged and oxidized stratum corneum, the nourishing treatments can penetrate more effectively and achieve consistent beneficial effects, brightness and tissue hydration.

It is useful to
distinguish chemical peels depending on its keratolytic effect:

So this process of
exfoliation more aggressive and deep accelerates this natural process by stimulating cell regeneration and blood microcirculation of the surface of our skin.

Generally improves the appearance of the skin, particularly the effect of aging and solar radiation.
Therefore, they have multiple indications:

In short,
improves the skin ‘s surface, increasing its homogeneity and obtaining a clear rejuvenating effect .

We recommend a peel type surface, being able to
perform regularly with the right products. Previously, and as a rule, we identify what type of skin predominant have to find the product that best suits frequency:

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