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What is the reddening of the skin? Cheeks pink color

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          Girls like to believe that young people recognize the benefits of the “tomato” is that if eating tomatoes.
Or drink tomato juice regularly will help keep skin healthy. Sometimes we could see through the cheeks with pink afterglow more anyway. But in fact, There are more tomatoes Eat, drink, and how the results are too different to what we are going to pursue it.


          I believe that one of the tomatoes.
Rich in protein, carbohydrates, sugar, fiber, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc as well as vitamin C, niacin, vitamin B12, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D and vitamin K is not. The food is interesting and is a feature of tomatoes is lycopene it.

          Substances such as lycopene, carotene, carotenoids (Carotenoid) type typically found in fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, papaya, carrot, orange, red grapefruit, etc. Gac fat-soluble well.
Has the effect of anti-oxidants. This reduces premature aging hormones and strengthens the immune system. In addition, lycopene helps to inhibit a key enzyme that synthesizes cholesterol. And stimulate the flow of blood to the other one.


          The nutrients and vitamins such women may still could not imagine that my tomatoes.
In addition to the skin, it also helps if you have some girls (and maybe too young) had read the list of benefits below. I guarantee that I will need to eat more tomatoes certainly

          1. tomatoes reduces the risk of prostate cancer

          2. eye

          3. treat scurvy.
And scurvy

          4. treatment of hypertension.

          5. Reduce Lung Cancer Risk
Pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer and breast cancer

          6. To reduce the risk of heart disease

          7. effect of diuretic

          8. help the digestive system to work better.
It also helps in the excretion of too

          9. helps regulate fluid balance in cells and tissues.
Reduce water retention in the body

          10. help prevent dementia.
Or Alzheimer’s.


          Currently, there are a lot of debate on it that eating tomatoes and how to apply, how to eat, how to be the best.
Indeed, whether to eat or drink tomato juice. I am giving you the advantage of doing it. But the body has the nutrients consumed by a maximum of tomatoes, we should emphasize that
the tomato is considered a certain property is through the cooking process. Or through the heat To make the grip of lycopene tomatoes soften the tissue. The lycopene content increases. The body absorbs lycopene to be better because it

          is consumed cooked with tomato mixture.
Drinking tomato juice or concentrated It helps the body get the benefits of lycopene fully enough, but the tomatoes consumed in moderation, it is important to me. If the body gets the nutrients it too. The body is then excreted naturally. May result in residues in the body. The cause disease. With it

          Because I care about
The tomato is also providing healthy.


Thanks to the cover image

Thanks pretty open Hang Pham, 24 Asian Skin Care Secrets to Improve Skin Condition Fast, http://effectiveremedies.com.

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