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What is your most important beauty tips for women in their 60’s?

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“Beauty tips for women in their 60’s”

I always heard saying that getting to the “third age” with a smooth complexion was a matter of genetics, however, it is shown that the facial care from the youth helps us to reach older looking like they are younger.

I come from a family of very presumptuous women, for whom personal grooming is a priority; I remember as a child seeing my mother and my aunts pampering her skin, and dedicating “a lot of time” to the application of creams and makeup. Now that they are older, they reflect those years dedicated to caring for their skin with a youthful appearance.

These cares should not stop, on the contrary they should be adapted to each age, that is why in this article I want to share with older women the best tips to thoroughly pamper the skin after 60 years .


This step is essential with milks and creams that also nourish the skin. Finishing with a facial tonic is now more important, as it helps the skin recover its hydration level after cleaning .

Beware of exfoliation

Once a month will be enough. The reason is that mature skin takes much longer than a young woman to recover from the “aggression” that is an exfoliation , since it involves removing dead cells from the inside.

It’s time to turn to essential oils

Rosehip, Argan oil , etc. Put a drop in your hand and mix it with your daily dose of cream. It will enrich and enhance its effect , hydrating the skin in depth.

For the neck and neckline

These two areas require special attention and for this there are specific products . At 60 years, the skin becomes fragile again (as when we were girls), therefore ingredients that improve the elasticity of the skin, avoiding the loss of collagen, go well .

Know how to apply the products

The massages are complementary in the application. To enhance the effect of anti-aging creams, you should do so by smoothing out wrinkles perpendicular to them, as if you wanted to “iron” them .

The aesthetic treatments

You can apply them at any age, but in mature skins when the expected results are not really visible it is time to resort to them. If you have thought about doing an aesthetic medicine treatment, the first thing you should do is go to a dermatologist or a recognized aesthetic doctor.

One of the most effective and safe techniques for mature skins are enriched plasma injections in face neck and cleavage. Another type of non-invasive treatments , such as infiltrations or laser, are ideal to see better if you go through the operating room, and the best thing is that not only “stretch”, but also help improve the quality of the skin.

As you see, we should never stop in facial care , every age should follow the appropriate care, and from the 60 you have to intensify them.

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