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What is your natural skin care secret for oily/acne prone skin?

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Natural skin care secret for oily/acne prone skin


In this article, Our site will introduce you best natural skin care secret for oily/acne prone skin:  Each individual has a different skin conditioning therefore you should consult your doctor before applying any advice.

1. Protective layer makeup 

Before studying useful tips on the best makeup for oily skin, you should remember that ensure basic protection first layer of skin: use sunscreen. Whatever the type of skin you have, you also want always kept in good condition. Therefore, use spectrum sunscreen, skin ensuring UVB, UVA have high oil and also light weight.

2. Remove the oil in the skin


You should avoid using some arbitrary standard cleaning products. Instead of them, you can use soap type dedicated to cleaning oily skin. Rinse face thoroughly, focusing on the area T, to decrease the amount of oil on the skin, dry skin, and make it clear. Use a piece of cotton dipped into the solution astringent pores and then spread over the entire surface of his face.

3. Foundation cream

You should know what kind of foundation is appropriate and necessary for your skin type. Also, do not we consider that for oily skin, is chosen to be thick cream base to improve traction on the skin. Instead, choose the cream base type moderated by not clogging the pores, even at low temperature.

4. Powder Makeup 

Perhaps you will feel surprised if it proves to be better than not would choose the selection of makeup and high strength. This is because the use of too thick layers of makeup can only make false and rigid face, whereas the pores become clogged, leading to excessive secretions of oil on their skin. It is simply necessary to spread the powder to obtain a thin layer of makeup on her face and, above all, focus on some prominent parts of the face in order to get an attractive appearance.

5. Lining Skin Powder

This advice is the best makeup for oily skin with acne. For women who have oily skin, and powder coating of the skin, the use of an anti-glare layer additional cream in the T-zone (nose and eyelids) may be necessary. In this case, many women still the pure aloe vera gel is applied as a powder lip liners skin and eyes like the usual cream garnish can not do so for their own case.

6. eyes and eyebrows

Use a pencil makeup in order to shape their eyebrows and after that, use powder to rub lightly on the skin to manufacture softness. Especially oily skin, you better not hesitate in order to draw furry and small sharp eyebrows. Do you know that oily skin is very suitable for neutral colors? Above all, they make your face appears without the sensations of itching because the surface of the skin secrete more oil. Therefore, people had better use the colors brown and copper eyebrows and stern of his eye in order to make the eyes look naturally beautiful and deeper. This is truly one of the most beneficial tips on best makeup for oily skin that people should remember and learn to apply.

7. Oil Blotter 

This is also an important thing to implement and remember in the list of the best makeup for oily skin you want to show in this paper. A simple way to keep dust makeup oily skin is applied oil blotter. They can absorb almost secretes skin oils, helping the side to avoid falling into the situation becoming begrimed by mixing the layers of makeup and skin oils. It can rebroadcast the powder makeup face to ensure that the natural appearance after using oil blotting paper.

8. Blush

The advice for people who have oily skin is better that they not use blush colors too dark or too bright, like carnation, soil color reddish brown or dark colored earth. You should choose pastel pink color and then spread from the top of the cheeks and the next spread outward. Her lipstick with pale pink ground can make your lips look much sharper. Just simply apply a little lip gloss in the middle in order to create an attractive smile.

9. Always prime the skin first


Using a primer makeup not only acts as a layer between the skin and makeup, deterring composition clogging the pores, but also helps to better makeup application, acting as a base. Moreover, it also ensures that the composition remains fixed and lasts longer.


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