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What skin care tip made the most difference on your skin?

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         “Skin care tip made the most difference on your skin”

             The skin of the woman usually presents some problems: acne, cellulitis, rosacea, wrinkles and stretch marks, among others. This not only adds years but also reduces beauty, embarrasses, embarrasses and can even affect social life. Reverting it with minimal changes is possible


The skin is the largest organ in the human body, and its function is that of protection and isolation. Her appearance says a lot about us, because it is a symbol of both beauty and health. So it can indicate youth, freshness and softness or, on the contrary, deterioration and aging. Each one is responsible for taking care of their most precious packaging because it will accompany them throughout their lives. There are simple options to achieve this, even during the summer .

A fresh, clean and smooth face gives an appearance not only youthful, but also taken care of. The face is always exposed to the eyes of others, and it is a part of the body that counts a lot of the person, together with the hands. At a glance, it provides an image of our array and personal neatness, which is then transferred to the rest of our appearance.

So a face with acne, with traces of makeup, deep wrinkles or rosacea shows tired skin, damaged, stained, with little cleaning, opaque and lifeless. Therefore, with regard to makeup , the ideal is to remove it daily, and cleanse the face until it is free of grease and impurities, exfoliate the skin to remove the superficial layers and renew them, and use creams and tonics according to the skin type.

On the other hand, cleanliness and healthy eating are essential to control acne , which not only occurs in adolescents but also in adult women. In the latter, skin type, endocrine factors and stress play a predominant role in acne outbreaks. Rosacea is also usually triggered by stress, although other factors that influence are menopause and alcohol consumption .

In the case of wrinkles and facial flaccidity, although both are a consequence of age and are inevitable with the passage of time due to the loss of collagen, wrinkles are specifically caused also by the sun, by expressions and by daily habits , as for example, smoking .

Some years ago, an advertisement for an anti-cellulite product asked: What skin do you have? Orange skin or peach skin? Thus, the texture of the skin was exposed and differentiated immediately. Of course, none want to have orange peel, with pocitos and imperfections. But the precious peach skin, smooth, smooth and even, is not only a consequence of the lucky ones of genetics , but a great effort for a healthy life, with natural foods, exercise, a lot of water intake; avoiding alcohol and smoking.

In turn, stretch marks are other of the great enemies. They usually occur due to body changes in weight, increase and decrease. And one of the most significant changes that occur in a woman’s body occurs in pregnancy , in which the skin of the abdomen is stretched and then may not return to its natural state, showing stretch marks.

On the other hand, spider veins in the legs (telangiectasias) are usually a problem of the younger ones, while varicose veins are common in older women. Both usually appear as a result of a circulatory disorder, which must be addressed to avoid edema, heaviness and tingling . This pathology is the result of obesity, sedentary lifestyle, pregnancy, contraceptive use and genetic predisposition.

The sun, high temperatures, chlorine and sea salts tend to dry the skin of the face and body. Therefore, this is a time when you have to pay more attention and give some extra care:

  • Good hydration is essential through the intake of water, natural juices and fruits, but also through moisturizers containing vitamin E.
  • It is also important to use sunscreen appropriate to the type of skin (for face and body), post solar gels and creams with vitamins A and E.
  • It is appropriate to protect areas where there are spots or moles with sunblocks so as not to aggravate the pathology.
  • In the same way, it is convenient to avoid the sun in the areas where a skin infection is present, and also if we are taking some type of antibiotic, because the skin becomes more sensitive and this can cause spots.

Many women believe that in the summer it is not possible to perform treatments on the skin by the sun, heat, number of sessions, etc. While this is partly true, there are some treatments that can be done in these months:

For facial skin:

Botox: it is the ideal filler to fight facial wrinkles, and one of the most used in the whole world. It corrects slight and deep wrinkles, and also prevents them. With the passage of time it is reabsorbed and, for this reason, requires new applications.

Tensioning threads: they have the effect of a “without surgery lifting”. The advance of age brings with it the inevitable flaccidity, with very visible signs at the facial level. In the most advanced cases, it is very difficult to retighten the facial skin without the help of the tensioning threads. They are ultra-thin and invisible, the procedure is quick and without bruising.

Mesolifting: applied by means of microinjections with substances that rejuvenate the skin of the face. Hydrates, provides luminosity and at the same time tones. Combats wrinkles and expression lines painlessly.

Hyaluronic acid: It is used to erase wrinkles, achieving a smooth and rejuvenated skin. Through small infiltrations, a “dense” version or a “fluid” version of this product is placed on the patient’s face. The plus of this filling is that it is also used to erase acne scars.

Electrolifting: through electric currents toning of the tissues is done, to lift and tighten the skin of the face, avoiding both flaccidity and wrinkles. It is recommended to lift eyebrows, cheekbones, and also to eliminate the bags of the eyelids and wrinkles of the neck.

Peeling : used to treat acne, rosacea and its characteristic spots. It is performed manually in winter (through chemicals) or mechanically in summer (through microdermabrasion with diamond tip) to exfoliate layers of skin and thus regenerate it.

Pulsed light . Through this mechanical procedure, the patient will achieve a smooth skin through the stimulation of collagen. It is recommended to treat rosacea because the laser attenuates spider veins and facial redness.

For the skin of the body

Ozone therapy: it is a treatment to reduce varicose veins through the application of ozone. Ozone favors circulation, because it improves blood flow and oxygenates the blood, preventing the new formation of varicose veins and spider veins. In addition, it can transport oxygen even to the smallest capillaries.

Carboxytherapy: it gives optimal results and the patients who have tried it notice the differences because cellulite is less and less noticeable. It consists in injecting the carbon dioxide gas into the skin, generating changes in the texture.

Radiofrequency: activates the collagen and elastin fibers, and thus visibly corrects the texture. The plus is that in addition to influencing the quality of the skin, reaffirms and models body areas that tend to flaccidity and accumulation of adiposity. It is used for mild cellulite.

Plasma enriched with growth factors . The skin is smooth and cellulite, even the most marked, visibly attenuates. Blood is drawn from the patient herself, which is centrifuged to separate the plasma and then reintroduced to the affected skin by means of microinjections. It is used for advanced cellulite.

Mesotherapy : is the technique that uses microinjections that incorporate collagen and elastin into the skin. In this way, the cutaneous tissue recovers, tightens and renews its appearance .

Electrostimulation with Russian waves: combat the flaccidity caused by cellulite by means of suction cups with electrodes that send small electric discharges to generate muscle contraction, giving firmness and toning.

Manual lymphatic drainage : its function is to activate vessels and lymph nodes in order to cause the elimination of excess fluid. It is performed in a soft and very specific way, taking care of the patient’s skin.

Sequential pressure therapy : performs a procedure similar to lymphatic drainage but mechanically, with a system of pneumatic boots that inflate and deflate. In this way liquids and also fats that are fired in the urine are eliminated, and at the same time the legs are modeled and the circulation is improved.

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