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What to advise beyond hair treatment – Pharmaceutical Post – All Dermo

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Not only the obvious hair problems should be addressed and counseling is also important to identify signs on the scalp that require a specific recommendation. According informs TodoDermo Vanessa Messal, the Group of Dermatology at the Spanish Society of Community Pharmacy , “in the pharmacy have the ability to detect adjacent needs any treatment transforming it into a cross – selling, in this case of hair care products.”

  • There are other supplements that nourish the hair as masks, oils, lotions blisters and growth stimulants

Specifically, he notes, “there are a number of medications that need to know and have a significant involvement skin and hair.” They should know the pharmacist to advise the patient demands it without a product to protect hair and skin.

Drugs that can further alter the status of scalp are: gemfibrozil, isotretinoin, antidrepresivos (sertraline, fluoxetine), antifungals (itraconazole), gout (allopurinol), beta blockers (atenolol), contraceptive, anti – inflammatory (naproxen, ibuprofen), methotrexate, ranitidine, heparins, antiepileptics (levetiracepam), radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

As for special situations or diseases that can alter the condition of the hair they would be “hypothyroidism, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, anemia or situations of high fever.” In these cases, you may be advised from the pharmacy a plus hair care. Furthermore, with regard to special situations that need reinforcement would “operations, childbirth, lactation, stress, traumatic situations, strict diets or menopause.”

Also, according to the pharmaceutical, too , “there are situations really conducive to advise a hair treatment associated with the problem referring the patient.” In the event that the user “or ask something to refer nails because they break or because escaman, the problem is usually accompanied by capillary fragility or even alopecia”. People with seborrheic dermatitis on the face “also often suffer scalp dandruff as fat so that a suitable product to this problem be advised”.

In the case of hair treatments prescription “dispensing should be accompanied by a mild shampoo, either base treatment with corticosteroids, or in combination with treatment shampoos.” Finally, in the case of sunscreens, it may accompany the product with a capillary protector and even with anti-frizz treatment “.

We must never forget that ” hair treatment used not only shampoos but there are also other supplements that nourish the hair topical level as masks, oils, lotions blisters and stimulating growth. In addition, internally, he adds, “the pharmacy Nutricosmetics account in the form of vitamins or supplements necessary for the correct development of the hair shaft.” “The right combination of different forms of treatment will be crucial for our patient satisfaction”.

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