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Why do skin changes occur during menopause? – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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Skin changes, changes in muscle and fat tissue are the main effects for the body of women in menopause due to hormonal decline , so stressed Thursday Javier Moreno, director of IML, during a seminar held in Madrid and who came TodoDermo.

  • Menopausal changes in muscle and fat tissue are reflected in the skin are also produced

“The skin has less sebum , so it is less protected and decreases the production of sweat. Therefore, it is common that older women present rojeces in the forehead , “says Moreno. Other pigmentations own menopause are due to increased permeability and sensitivity of the skin against melanin . Furthermore, these patients experience a decrease in collagen and in the number of hair follicles.

According to this expert, “all these factors are responsible for changes in the skin: the appearance of wrinkles, spider veins, and atrophy triggers sagging”. This last point is closely related to “muscle loss and deficits in the metabolism of fatty tissue, causing weight gain and sometimes, the development of type 2 diabetes” he added.

In your experience, facial aging is more pronounced during menopause but are also visible waist loss and increased abdominal area.

The corrective laser treatment

To correct all the effects of menopause, IML proposes lipolaser: “A system that eliminates fat accumulation, skin contraction and regulates the skin surface” , explains Moreno. This therapy is designed for localized fat and warns that “in no case is a treatment for obesity, in fact, patients should have a body mass index less than 30″.

The lipolaser can be used throughout the body, including the “face to mark the chin and chin.” From IML note that the results are visible “in a single session” and also the volume, “improves skin fibrosis”. After this treatment, Moreno advised to “follow the same routine pre beauty , because the intervention does not require specific care.”

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