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Why does the atomic skin suffer more during the fall?

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All skin types are not equal. Besides having different needs there are certain external agents affecting more about skin types than others. In the case of  atopic skinthe arrival of autumn is a time of year associated with a worsening of symptoms .

atopic skin  is one of the  diseases most common skin . Talk of atopic skin is talk about a  sensitive skin  that presents itself more vulnerable to certain circumstances. Seasonal changes are key for people with atopic skin fall times being the most critical moment.

Atopic dermatitis is a chronic skin disease considered benign but affects the 
quality of life  of people who suffer. It manifests itself with a dry, sensitive skin intensely itchy . The most common is childhood atopic skin although it also occurs  atopic dermatitis in adults .

The intense itching and typical distribution are key to the diagnosis.
However, there are other inflammatory diseases which are to be differentiated as 
skin rash  or  alba pitiriasis

If autumn hear the word makes you cringe because the symptoms of atopic skin are compounded, these 
recommendations will make you at least get it as bearable as possible.

Choosing the type of skin you have is something that unfortunately gets out of hand.
What we can learn to apply is the best care and make it look healthy. Happy day!

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