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Why is collagen so important on the skin?

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We’ve heard it a thousand times, even we may use any treatment that includes, but surely we do not know why it is so vital for us. The collagen is one of the most important proteins in the body, since it represents more than 25% of all proteins in a person .

We find it
in all essential structures of the body, such as bones, tendons, ligaments and skin. It is responsible for generating very strong and flexible fibers (
collagenous fibers ) that make gear all tissues function properly.
Collagen is the support of the skin , which gives firmness and elasticity needed to move and function healthily. If we make an analogy, we could say that is the backbone of our skin. Our body produces collagen naturally to 30 years old approximately, from that moment, produces less hormones and less amount of collagen. At 40 years creating this protein can reach down to 1% annually and arrived at 70, loss environment stands at 30% each year.

The progressive decline of collagen in our body causes epithelial structures (tissue formed by several layers of cells) skin are weaker, which makes it become thinner and
looser and more wrinkles . According to Leire Azcona (2006) , sagging skin involves a decrease in the quantity and quality of the collagen fibers . Thereby reducing, increasing the soluble collagen insoluble collagen.

Now the
skin aging does not destroy collagen but decreases the production thereof. And although the passage of time is the main culprit wear collagen in the skin, there are factors that favor their loss and destroy existing stockpiles in the body, such as the stress, the excessive sun exposure or a diet low in minerals , vitamins and amino acids. In the case of the sun, and limit break down collagen synthesis thereof.

Although it is impossible to
maintain stable levels throughout life, there are factors that can help make up for lost collagen and curb skin damage:

Now that we
know the valuable role of collagen in our skin, we may be more aware the need to combine a diet rich in antioxidants and applying dermocosmetic products to alleviate loss. And it may not get eternal youth, but living with a
healthy skin for longer.

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