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Without treatment, athlete’s foot can persist indefinitely – Pharmacist Post – Todo Dermo

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The tinea pedis or tinea pedis is also known as athlete ‘s foot. It is a contagious disease , caused by a group of fungi called dermatophytes, which feed on keratin. Several species produce athlete’s foot, which is usually due to Trichophyton rubrum , Trichophyton interdigitale and Epidermophyton floccosum , says Maria Soledad Cuétara, an expert on dermatophyte fungi and member of the Study Group of Medical Mycology (Gemicomed) of the Spanish Society of Diseases Clinical Microbiology and infectious (SEIMC).

The disease is spread by direct contact when an infected healthy skin rubs skin , or by indirect contact through footwear, carpets, or when walking barefoot on contaminated showers, saunas and swimming pools soil. The name derives from athlete ‘s foot the easy acquisition of infection among athletes who frequent gyms . This is because the fungus spores can remain on some surfaces for a while if the same conditions of heat and humidity are maintained. When the fungus is a susceptible host ” the artrospora adheres initially to the epidermis, then germinates and the resulting hyphae penetrate the cornea surface of the skin of the new host, generating infection“Says the specialist. Also, if treatment is not applied, the infection can persist indefinitely.

  • The name derives from athlete’s foot easy acquisition of infection among athletes who frequent gyms

The distribution of this infection is worldwide and although it is a contagious disease is not notifiable. “It ‘s an infection of the skin that motivate more consultations in dermatology or in primary care, especially during the summer , ” says Cuétara.

Types of infection

The tinea pedis can take various forms. The interdigital form begins in the fourth interdigital space but later affect the rest of the spaces, the plant and the dorsum of the foot. Infection accompanied by itching and blistering “prone to break, coalesce and form painful fissures” says Cuétara. If a bacterial superinfection occurs, the specialist explains that originates the call “dermatophytic complex” characterized by greater maceration and odor .
In the form of tinea pedis plantar or vesicular form, bullae and crusting appear in the plant, especially in the arch and side surface areas. “This clinical form prevents progress by pain and itching , ” says Cuétara and “should be distinguished from pusturlar psoriasis, contact dermatitis and bullous diseases.”

The chronic form of tinea pedis , the hiperqueratósica, is observed more frequently because untreated persists indefinitely . Cuétara relates that this infection “is characterized by itchy, scaly, dry and slight erythema and extending from the plantar and lateral standing surface”. As the plantar tinea, d ebe be a differential diagnosis with contact dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and keratosis .

  • If it is to prevent reinfection the patient should maintain proper hygiene

In the case of a tinea pedis interdigital if an affectation incipient or moderate “one can be used antifungal topical treatment “, however, if the treatment failed or injury was most severe “would require an oral antifungal, in which case it would be advisable referral to a doctor to prevent side effects. “

To avoid transmission in the patient ‘s environment should be taken into account certain hygiene measures, like washing clothes in contact with the lesion (60 degrees), discard contaminated shoes or use antifungal products and cleaning surfaces with disinfectants such as bleach. If it comes to prevent reinfection , in addition to the above guidelines, “the patient should maintain proper hygiene: avoid walking barefoot in public areas and making sure to keep your feet dry , emphasizing the interdigital spaces” suggests Cuétara.

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