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Women between the ages of 26 and 40, the ones that use the most facial cleansing products – Correo Farmacéutico – Todo Dermo

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The Demak’Up Study habits facial hygiene and cleanliness of face reveals that most Spanish women believe their facial cleanliness could improve. According to the study, conducted by Ipsos and consulting on a sample of 600 Spanish women eight out of ten women wash their face daily ; while nine out of ten does at least four times a week. In addition, 75 percent practice their facial hygiene routine before going to sleep, 48 percent do so in the morning; 31 percent do so in the morning and before going to sleep; and 15 percent when he comes home. About the time a woman goes to her routine skin cleansing; Most women (73 percent) take between 1 and 5 minutes.

  • 75 percent practice their facial hygiene routine before bedtime

The report also notes that nine out of ten women are cleaned and apply moisturizer at least weekly. 60 percent uses tonic or cleansing milk, 56 percent use exfoliating and 42 percent facemask. In addition, 29 percent, in addition to wipe his face, applies an average of three shares in their facial hygiene routine. By age, women aged 26 to 39 are most products use, with moisturizer, exfoliating and their essential facial mask. Depending on the type of skin tonic / milk is used more in cases with sensitive skin and exfoliating among women with oily skin or problematic.


This report presents the differences in facial routine practices according to skin type also point. The women with normal skin (43 percent) use fewer products in their routine weekly facial. By contrast, Cleansing wipes or water exercise as allies in their practice perfect facial cleansing. They are both the face and the other women with other types of skin is not cleaned, and where there is less use of extra and home treatments. However, women with normal skin are the most faithful to the usual method of cleaning (65 percent has been using the same method for years), and the most satisfied with their facial routine (despite being the most basic): the 47 percent say they are satisfied.

  • Women with normal skin are the most faithful to the usual cleaning method

The women with oily skin ( 24 percent) are wiping her face more often, and have a higher weekly use of exfoliating. Among these women, cleaning is especially important as a means to remove all dirt of the day to avoid impurities. Notably it is the most wear makeup daily and more dissatisfied with their facial cleansing routine.

The women with sensitive skin (11 percent) are the most shares held weekly, especially regarding the use of exfoliating. They frequents increased use of cotton pads with micellar water. Women with skin fats, which are more diversified moments and facial cleansers that care about removing dirt caused by pollution and prevent impurities. They are what make greater use of the cleaning brush and one out of two additional treatments performed at least weekly. Notably, within this group often they resort to home facials and are most change method. Almost half of women with sensitive skin or troubled says every couple of months to change the way they clean their face.


As for the type of product that women use to wipe his face, according to the study, 26 percent of them combines cotton pad with micellar water, 18 percent do with cleansing milk and 11 per cent combines tonic; against which only the face is cleaned up removal wipes (17 percent), water (13 percent) and other products (15 percent). The main reason for facial cleansing of Spanish is removing all the dirt face accumulates during the day (74 percent), followed by the removal of makeup (58 percent), remove impurities such as pimples, blackheads and spots (57 percent), the feeling of a fresh skin (51 percent), the skin hydration (38 percent) and that is pleasant and relaxing (22 percent).

  • Women with sensitive skin are what make greater use of cleaner brush

Regarding extra treatments , the face mask is chosen with 78 percent, followed by peeling and the facial a specialist with 37 percent and 33 percent respectively, the facial massage with 21 percent, the brush electric cleaner with 20 percent and other treatments 3 percent. A frequency level; 35 percent is done once a month, 32 percent once a week, 21 percent three to four times a year, 9 percent once a year and 3 percent once a day .

In addition, 9 out of 10 women ensures perform or have performed at least once home facials . 35 percent do so once a week, the skin being inconvenienced the group of women who performed home treatments or deep cleanings weekly. On the other hand, 10 percent is done several times a week, 11 percent once every two weeks, 13 percent once a month, 17 percent less than once a month and 13 percent says never do it .


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