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World Sight Day: 10 tips to protect your eyes

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To mark World Sight Day which is celebrated this year on 10 October, the Varilux Institute has developed for Mujerhoy.com a Decalogue with key recommendations and healthy to prevent possible eye problems habits. 

1. If you work with your computer, keep the screen a distance of between 50 and 70 centimeters and performs regularly breaks to give your eyes a break.  

2. When you read or write , do it with good lighting: preferably natural light with artificial light indirect support, which is never addressed in the eye and does not cause reflections on paper or screen. 

3. It combines different visual quality solutions depending on the circumstances, always acquiring them in professional establishments. 

4. Use sparingly air – conditioning and heating , avoiding direct effect on the eyes, not to cause dry eye problems. 

5. When you need to work intensively with some object , keep with him a distance of between 30 and 40 centimeters. 

6. Protect your eyes from blue-violet radiation emitted by the screens of electronic devices (PCs, tablets and smartphones). There are transparent daily wear lenses that block both the blue-violet, the most harmful to the retina, such as UV light. 

7. Use lenses with protection factor E-SPF when you expose your eyes to UV rays. 

8. Moisturize your eyes with artificial tears on a regular basis, on all notes if dryness or itching.  

9. Confirms regularly with a specialist the intraocular pressure in your eyes. 

10. And most importantly, remember that we have only two eyes for life, conducts periodic reviews and protect to prevent future problems.

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