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Known as dry skin or dry skin, skin xerosis is a problem that is accentuated in winter because of cold or temperature changes. However, in many cases, is not the environmental factor that triggers the problem and are different diseases or certain treatments which, as a side effect, cause this disorder. In all cases, the result is the same: tension, roughness, flaky skin, flocular skin, itching and skin sensitivity.

CARE some drugs
Drugs that can cause this skin disorder, Ignacio Querol, the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV) mentions the retinoids (isotretinoin and acitretin, among others), which are used to treat diseases like acne , various skin inflammatory disorders, skin cancer and some disturbances of increased cell turnover, such as psoriasis. Most of those with these treatments suffers from dry mouth, skin and conjunctival and nasal mucosa. This is because reducing the development of sebum and horny layer thickness and the variation of the function of the skin barrier.

  • Retinoid drugs, antineoplastic and antiretroviral can cause xerosis

A retinoids must be added antineoplastic and antiretrovirals , immunosuppressants and procedures as photochemotherapy (PUVA).

A symptom
The xerosis is also a symptom of many diseases. “The dry skin can occur primary form, mainly in persons with atopic constitutional or affected by genetic diseases such as ichthyosis base” notes Querol. With regard to psoriasis its relationship with xeorisis is a vicious circle. And it is that dry skin is a symptom of this disease and, in turn, xerosis can be a trigger for an outbreak of psoriasis. ” In addition, one its topical treatments includes application of retinoids, which are within the drugs that cause dryness”.

The eczema , plus associated with various allergic diseases such as asthma, urticaria or allergic rhinitis, is closely related to skin dryness. Also it highlights the rubra pilaris tinea that, although rare, has among its possible treatments retinoids.

In the list of pathologies with the xerosis they include hypothyroidism, lymphomas, chronic kidney disease or deficiency states and malabsorption.

To prevent this symptom as known by experts strongly recommends Querol since the beginning of the treatments mentioned the use of emollient and avoid very frequent showers or excessive use of soap “. Emollients are particularly useful “containing the hydrating similar to those in the natural moisturizing factor of the skin (NMF), among them lactates, and especially sodium lactate.”

An important tip: your application must be constant and daily and, if possible, better twice a day. Although it appears that dry skin is improving, it is not more care to keep to prevent the problem resurface in the future. Moreover, while still ingesting drugs that have caused the condition or disease has been controlled source, it should be extended treatments xerosis.

Prevention also involves avoid using irritating products such as bath foam or aggressive cosmetics containing alcohol, dyes, fragrances or essential oils proirritantes.

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