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Your eyes are stressed: follow these tips to pamper them

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The same being that we experience in our body after a massage so we can feel in our eyes. Although you can surprise, our eyes are subjected to high stress levels so they need to think about Cundo want to relax. Massage eyes following proper techniques can relieve eye stress, relax muscles and stimulate blood flow.

4 massage to relax your eyes and improve the appearance of your face

If what you want is to relieve tension after spending many hours at the computer , television or reading, the personal trainer of Transitions Optical suggests us to ” massage with palms , so” you will feel the muscles in your eyes so relaxed and after massaging the back.

Not forget that the areas around the eyes also need attention , so that the most appropriate is to resort to massage it on the forehead and at the temples, to relax the front of your face and eyelids.

If you wear glasses , you will be very useful to massage the bridge , because that’s where the area where the glasses are supported and where we have a constant daily pressure is focused.

Advice to pamper your eyes

All we are subjected to eye strain , either because we use the computer we work too much or simply because we lack of sleep. To ease our tired and swollen eyes and increase blood flow from our eyes, we propose a series of tricks (almost) foolproof.

– eyeshades

• It may be cold (before using it, put the mask in the freezer for a few minutes) or hot (Immerse the mask in a bowl of hot water for 5 minutes. No need to boil). The important thing is you to lie on your back and sconces, eyes closed, for 10 or 15 minutes.

– Eye Cream

• Before applying any cream for the area around the eyes, removes traces of makeup and wash your face with cleanser .

• It should always apply the cream for the eye area with ring finger (or fourth finger) because that finger is usually the weakest, so the massage will naturally be softer.

• Apply a small amount of cream in each ring fingers and rub them together to gently heat the cream and improve absorption.

• Then, walking with the yolks gently around the eyes starting from the corner of the eye to reach the inner part , covering the bone surrounding the eye, until the skin has absorbed the cream completely.

• Then, with the index and middle fingers and slightly increasing the pressure, runs eyebrows from the outer end inside. Finish by lightly pressing his temples for several seconds.

Do not rub the skin found around the eyes as it is the most thin and sensitive skin of the face.

• Remember that, like the skin, you should protect your eyes from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Do always wearing sunglasses or eyeglasses variable color quality .

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