Cute Birthday Nail Ideas you must try

Is your birthday coming up? Are you super excited and want to have cute nails for your special day? If so, we’re here to help! We found 21 of the best birthday nail ideas on Instagram that will help you celebrate in style. There are designs with balloons, sparkly manicures, birthday treat inspired nail art, and more. Each of these can show your unique personality and whatever nail design you choose to wear, we hope you have a fantastic day!

1. Birthday Nail Art Candle

The first idea we have to show you is the birthday candle nail art! The tips of the nails are painted to look like a cake and the rest of the nails have cute birthday candles. This is a fun nail design that is perfect for celebrations! You can recreate this or make it easier by simply painting a candle on each nail.

Bougie d'anniversaire Nail Art

Source: @not_naked_nails

2. Peas and Balloons

Next, we have a cute design with balloons and the age of the birthday boy. The nails are white with polka dots, balloons and the number 23. It’s such a cute look that would work perfectly for your special day. You can purchase balloon nail stencils and a scoring tool that can be used to recreate the polka dots online. There is also a full list of polishes used to create the look on the page below.

Pois et ballons

Source: @nbnailart

3. Star Sign Nails

Maybe you are looking for more unique nail art? If so, this idea might be perfect for you. Here we have nails inspired by the person’s sign! The design features a crab and the zodiac symbol for cancer. This is a great way to celebrate the month you were born. You can, of course, recreate this look with any star sign. Hand paint a similar design or you can use Zodiac stencils and stickers online.

Ongles Star Sign

Source: @nbnailart

4. Bright nails for your special day

If all the balloons and candles don’t work for you and you just want a glamorous mannequin for your special day, then this idea might be perfect. Here we have long coffin nails. Some are light with rhinestones and the rest are silver and shiny. This is just a gorgeous lavish nail design that will make you look fabulous for your birthdays.

Ongles brillants pour votre journée spéciale

Source: @nailsbymztina

5. colorful polka dots

Next, we have a bright and fun nail design that you could wear for your birthday. For this look, the nails are white with a colorful polka dot design. We love this design because it reminds us of wrapping paper and birthday parties. You can recreate the crisp dots with a stippling tool and all the polishes used are from Essence Cosmetics.

Pois colorés

Source: @nbnailart

6. Stiletto Nails with Glam Gems

Glam up your nails for your birthday with a manicure like this. Here we have long needle nails. Some of the nails are white and are decorated with rainbow rhinestones and the others are shiny. This is a vibrant, lavish and fun nail idea that will look amazing for parties and soirees. You can recreate the whole look or just try the rhinestone design. Different colored crystals can be purchased online and glued to your nails with nail glue.

Ongles blancs avec des pierres précieuses glam

Source: @margaritasnailz

7. Sweet Treat Nail Art

Your birthday is the perfect time to indulge in cakes, doughnuts and all the other delicious desserts you love. This next nail idea celebrates that! Each nail has a different design that includes cakes and more. We love this idea because it’s so cute and fun. Recreate this or add other desserts you love. This is perfect for those who love birthdays just for the food and cake!

Sweet Treat Nail Art

Source: @ lieve91

8. Amethyst nail idea

Birthstones are another way to celebrate your birthday. Next, we have a manicure inspired by the gemstone Amethyst which is the birthstone for February. Each nail has a beautiful purple design with an added golden touch. This look would be perfect for those who have a birthday in February. You can, of course, recreate a similar look for all the birthstones and you can find tutorials online for amethyst nails.

Idée d'améthyste

Source: @ lieve91

9. Birthday nails with a Disney theme

If you are a Disney fan, then this nail idea is perfect for you. Here we have birthday nails with a Mickey Mouse theme. One nail is decorated with nail art, the next has a Mickey balloon, then a Mickey inspired design and the last nail covered in glitter. It’s a cute and fun look. All the designs were hand painted and you can check out which polishes were used on the page below.

Ongles d'anniversaire avec un thème de Disney

Source: @nailistayco

10. Pink and shiny birthday nails

Are you looking for a simple but cute nail design? If so, you need to see this next idea. This manicure features pink and shiny nails. You can buy polishes like this one online and all you’ll have to do is paint your nails so that it’s easy to recreate. A pink polish like this one will look great on all lengths and shapes of nails. You can even brighten up the nails with gems!

Ongles d'anniversaire roses et brillants

Source: @hemmyberlin

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