Best coffin red nail designs

There is nothing fun about coffins, unless you use that term to describe the fun shape of your nails!

We’re big proponents of the coffin nail shape, and bringing this awesome style to the masses is one of our main goals as style arbiters.

Today, we’re dedicating our time to talking about the coffin nail. Get ready to learn more about the shape, styles, how to maintain them, and other fun facts.

What is the coffin shape?

The word coffin defines the shape and has no real connection to the increasingly fashionable Gothic style. However, it is possible to create a gothic nail art of coffin shape. In this case, we advise you to match all your style to the gothic style. A gothic bracelet could perfectly accompany your style.

They are mysterious, bold and very fashionable at the moment. Coffin nails are long like stiletto nails, but instead of having a pointed tip at the end, they flatten out to look like a coffin.

We know that’s not the happiest description, but it’s the best one we have!

Some people also call them ballerina nails because they look like the square tips of ballet shoes, but that’s not quite accurate.

Coffin shape is a better descriptor because the nails are more angular and defined in shape, and when done right, there is very little rounding.

Ideally, a coffin-shaped manicure will have the same dimensions as a stiletto manicure, but you or the salon’s nail technician will flatten the tips with a tiny residual rounding.

For many of us, our nails lack the length and strength to do coffin nails naturally. This is one of those frustrating realities we have to deal with. We envy all the people who can shape their real nails into a stiletto or coffin shape without any problems!

2 nail art ongles ballerine en acrylique avec strass 1

Luckily, there are plenty of options for the rest of us to get fabulous coffin nails without pushing your natural nail beds to uncomfortable limits.

First, you have the gel products that strengthen and reinforce your nails beyond their normal capabilities. If you’ve ever had a gel treatment at a nail salon, you know that it’s a fascinating procedure to watch!

The most talented nail technicians will shape that gel globule into a coffin-like masterpiece before your eyes, then let you choose the exact designs you want.

Yes, gel can be a bit expensive, and holding your hands under UV lights isn’t the most pleasant experience ever, but there’s something to be said for the magic of transforming gel into an amazing, durable, coffin-shaped nail that lasts a long time.

The main drawback of gel is that you can’t grow your nails much beyond what you can get naturally. You usually want to use gel to get a few extra millimeters of length, which will not allow you to get those super long and elegant coffins.

This is where acrylic nails really shine (and often literally): they extend your nails to new lengths and make them stronger than ever.

Acrylic nails aren’t totally different from the gel we just talked about, but they do offer a bit more strength and structure, allowing you to sport really long, bold styles that would otherwise be out of reach.

We’re talking coffin nails that extend several inches beyond their natural limits, with durability that can last up to several weeks.

Acrylic nail enthusiasts know that caskets are technically difficult to achieve. So we congratulate the brave nail technicians who take on these delicate projects.

We must point out, however, that obtaining coffin nails in gel or acrylic is not a miracle solution. Even the most experienced and efficient salons will take more than an hour to do them properly.

Plus, there’s the ever-present reality of cost, and getting those casket nails done correctly isn’t cheap. Expect to spend at least 40 euro if you want an above average job.

It’s up to you how you want to do your false coffin nails. For now, familiarize yourself with the shapes and styles of these cool nails, because they’re not going anywhere anytime soon!

Ongles en gel de forme cercueil

Classic coffin nail colors

There’s no definitive rule on how to style coffin nails once they’re formed, but we do have some ideas on what colors and patterns work best with these shapes.

First, we think that more neutral colors tend to match the spirit of coffin nails better than bright pastels and vibrant patterns.

Why is this so? Perhaps because the shape itself is so bold and direct that there is less need to emphasize additional features.

In other words, fake coffin nails speak for themselves, and you don’t need to overdress them to make a strong statement that you can’t be bothered!

1 Pasted

For this reason, we are big fans of the following styles to complement the casket shape:

  • Matte and metal are great ways to showcase unique and original textures. There’s nothing more subtly sleek than a neutral matte look, and a metallic sheen is one of the coolest ways to show off at a party, rave or festival.
  • White, black and nude colors highlight the simple, clean shape of the casket. You don’t need to draw attention to your nails when they have this long and elegant structure, so stay cool with neutrality.
  • Red and pink coffin nails are probably your best option for a formal party or event where you want to make a smashing first impression. Get ready to intimidate the competition, because you’ll look like a queen with dark reds and bright pinks!
  • Tips and accents are pretty much all you need to add flavor to coffin nails, as you generally don’t want to go overboard with busy patterns. All it takes is a little flourish on the tips of your nails or a subtle stripe to make it clear that you’ve got style!

There is no shortage of casket nail styles, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different designs that don’t fit the classic pattern.

The beauty of nail art is that you are free to express your creativity, and you should take advantage of these great coffin nail canvases if that is what your heart desires.

How to properly maintain coffin nails?

We’d be remiss if we didn’t give some basic tips on how to care for casket nails, because you want them to last as long as possible.

If you’ve shaped your natural coffin nails, you want them to be super strong and able to withstand any obstacles that come your way.

Our first tip is to use inexpensive staples to improve the health of your nails and make them as strong as possible, naturally.

This means taking care of your cuticles, applying a little nourishing moisturizer and avoiding harsh substances like acetone if you can.

If you need a little extra strength in the nail department, you should definitely look for specialized nail hardeners, as they will help strengthen the nail bed enamel and minimize chipping.

Even if you use gel or acrylic treatments to add length and body to your nails, good maintenance habits still apply! You want your investment to last, and it’s always smart to think about the long-term health of your nails in general.

You also need to rethink how you live your normal routine when you have coffins.

While coffins are less likely to hit you in the eye than stilettos, they can still break or chip if you’re not careful when opening cans, car doors and cardboard boxes!

If you’ve never worn coffin nails or long nails in general, be sure to go a little slower the first few days. It takes some time to get used to the length, and it’s normal to learn new ways to accomplish daily tasks.

Ongle en Gel de couleur doré et de forme cercueil

Great fake coffin nails

In a perfect world, we’d be at the nail salon every week reshaping our coffin nails and dressing them up in every bold new style we could think of.

But with limited time, energy and money, we have to find other ways to fulfill our long nail fantasies. That’s where pressed coffin nails can be a game changer.

If you’ve never tried fake nails, the coffin shape is a great introduction. They showcase the simplicity, strength and sturdiness of them, plus they are very affordable.

What better time than Halloween to sport spooky and sexy coffin nail styles?

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Few nail styles convey confidence like coffin nails, and they will always be dear to our hearts.

Whether you grow them yourself, have them done in a salon, or use at-home press-on products, we fully support anyone who chooses to sport the cool look of coffin nails!

To go further, I let you discover the red acrylic nails, not doubt you will enjoy it.

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