Graduation Nails : 5 ways to celebrate your Graduation with the perfect nails!

What is Graduation Nails.

Graduation nails are a type of nail that is used to celebrate a person’s graduation. They are typically made from thin acrylic sheets that are laminated together and then cut into various designs.

How to Make Graduation Nails Look Good

To make your graduation nails look great, start by choosing the right colors and patterns. You can use colors that represent your education or achievements, such as purple for medical science or green for engineering. You can also choose patterns that represent different stages in your life, such as a graduated diploma or an Ivy League college education. Finally, make sure your nails look professional and polished by using a high-quality polish and top coat.

Graduation Nails: A New Perspective.

Graduation nails are a type of nail that is used to hold the Graduation symbol on a person’s fingernail. They are often used by students to show their friends and family how well they have done in school.

How Do Graduation Nails Work

When you get a new nail, the old one will eventually fall off. To keep your graduation nails in good condition, follow these instructions:

1) Clean the nail with soap and water; this will remove all of the built-up oil and mascara that may have collected on it over time.

2) Cut off the old nail and replace it with a new one made from a high quality material like stainless steel or plastic.

3) apply pressure to the newly created graduation nail so that it snaps into place (this process can be shortened by using a drill bit).

Pictures of designs and ideas

One of the most important details for your graduation look is your nails! Details that seem small but make a big difference; fortunately, there are amazing models that you will love, so we made a compilation of images with some design and color ideas, to make it much easier for you to make your choice.

Does your outfit include black? If the answer is yes, check out these nails, they have black color, but only in the art, the background is nude, which makes them look elegant.

From: @magianegranails

Inspired by the “rococo” artistic movement, born in France, these nails are special for the gold decoration they have, the background colors you can adapt to your accessories or dress.

Here’s a sample from @latinwitchstudio, who used pastel background colors, super cute!

This mix surprised us, beautiful! From @nailssjunkie


Purple looks amazing, more in this design from @tribecabr

wow! Check out this design, they are nails in different colors but very light, with lots of shine, they go with everything!

We love these because they have animal print, but they are very elegant:

This animal print is complete, but it doesn’t look bad, it’s really beautiful.

Pink, you can’t miss it!

This is a pale pink design, very simple, for short nails, but if it’s well done, you will love it.

And this effect, how about it!

pear them!

Check out these other ideas:













Remember, the important thing is that you feel comfortable with what you will wear, self-confidence is what will make you look even more beautiful than we already know you look. So be confident in your decisions and… have fun at your graduation!

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