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❤️ Decorated Red Nails – Acrylic Christmas Nails

That there is nothing sexier than red is already known to everyone. That it’s a color that never goes out of style is also known. That you should wear red lipstick for many reasons you should already know and that red nails mean vitality, passion, sensuality and energy is also more than obvious.

The color with which we usually paint our nails says a lot about our personality and if you like to wear red, I’m telling you that you are one of mine. I love this color and it is worth mentioning that it combines with so many other tones that it will not clash with the way you dress, practically never.

So don’t miss the red nail art that I present here.uñas rojas

💅 Decorated red nails

If you want to give it a different touch, you can decorate your nails with different motifs. Flowers, polka dots, stripes… anything you like will be welcome to give an added grace to the color of passion.

Flowers are in demand and don’t think they are complicated to do. You just need a fine brush and patience, that’s all. Although you can always resort to nail stickers. They look great and give a glamorous touch to your manicure.uñas rojas decoradas

And the best part is that you can do themed nails depending on the season or the special date you want.

For example red nails decorated for Valentine’s Day. Unleash your imagination and draw hearts, a name or any word to show that your nails match the calendar.

But fear not, if you don’t have much of a pulse, you can always resort to nail stamping kits. Great for women who are not very skilled with nail polish.decoracion uñas san valentin

💅 Red gel nails

The perfect combo to show off beautiful nails for several weeks. If you are lazy and don’t mind wearing the same color for so many days, it’s clear that gel nails are for you.

They are very practical if you bite your nails because having to wear them long, by the layers of gel that are applied, you will lose the habit of biting.

The world of nail art is wide, but if you want elegant hands opt for red without further ado. The designs can make you tired after 3 weeks.uñas gel rojas

🎄 Christmas red nails

and what about the arrival of Christmas? An ideal time to let your imagination run wild and recreate Santa Claus, reindeer, Christmas trees and colored lights in your hands.

I really admire people who have so much imagination and know how to capture it in something as small as a fingernail.

But don’t worry if drawing is not your thing. You always have the option of adding glitter, various colors, or small details to make your Christmas nail art the envy of your followers on Instagram.

💅 Acrylic

Acrylic nails are made with a special liquid and a powdered polymer and last several weeks intact. Also if you have the materials and a little bit of skill you can try to make them at home, as they are made using a mold.

Red acrylic nail designs are as endless as you like. Like all the others you can wear them only in color or you can add stones, drawings or glitter depending on your taste at that moment or the occasion in which you are going to wear them.

💅 Red and black nails

Red and black are the perfect combination, not only for clothes, but also for hands.

There are thousands of designs combining both colors, and you can also add any decorative element or drawing, playing with each nail and creating a unique and special manicure.

💅 Red and white

Another winning combination is the mix of red and white. The latter brings freshness to a dark manicure and can give a lot of play in summer, at Christmas or on specific dates such as February 14.

I assure you that once you mix both tones you will not stop imagining different nail decorations.

Add stripes to create a sailor style changing the blue as a classic shade. Flowers or polka dots for summer manicures and add glitter or glitter for Christmas.

💅 Permanent red nails

With permanent nails you are going to wear permanently, as the name suggests, a manicure that will even last longer intact than gel or acrylic nails.

If you decide for this type of manicure you will have nails for a while, so choose well one of these red nail decorations because it will be attached to you for many days. Imagine not having to touch up or make up your nails every few days.

From a wide variety of designs, I’ve selected these because I think they look gorgeous.

And so far this is the compilation of red nails. Little by little I will be adding more images to inspire you.

In the meantime, you can get inspired with blue nail art, black nail art, or the famous French manicure.

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