Red makeup looks : Which makeup with red lipstick?

I’m a must-have in your beauty kit, I’m ultra-sexy, I’m the one who makes people notice you! One last little hint? I am red! It is of course the red lipstick, known for its bewitching sex appeal.

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Day or night, the red mouth is a timeless classic, whether it is glossy, shiny, matte, dark or lighter, glittery or a chic neutral. It goes with any look and promises to enhance your beauty look to the max. And you can find it at all prices, sometimes even organic! A real weapon of mass seduction, it goes with any type of makeup, despite our false opinions. You just have to harmonize the colors for a hot result.

And you, which beauty look will you adopt with the famous red lipstick?


1- With red lipstick: Everyday makeup look

20181017 1 lips

This classic yet luminous makeup look will look great with your red lipstick. You just have to opt for a flawless contouring by using dark and light shades to bring dynamics to the face, while keeping a matte side. For the eyes, a nude eyeshadow and a line of eyeliner will do the trick. Your red mouth here is the central element of your beauty look. For a better hold, don’t hesitate to opt for a fixing spray.

2- With red lipstick: Brown glitter smoky-eyes makeup

20181017 2 lips

You have a party soon? You don’t know which smoky-eyes to do with a red mouth or even if smoky-eyes are a good idea with a red mouth? Here is the one that will sublimate your complexion as well as your beautiful and sexy lips, a proper smoky-eyes. Accentuate your look with a slightly brown nude on the eyes and some glitter that will go with your lipstick. The whole thing is completed with a line of smoky eyeliner for a resplendent doe eye, all in nuance in the shade.

3- With red lipstick: Makeup cat-eyes look

20181017 3 lips

For a day or night look, the red lips makeup accompanied by a thick line of black eyeliner will be an instant hit, no matter the outfit, it’s a classic. The result will be natural, simple but above all effective. Remember to work the tip of your cat-eyes well with a pronounced comma. If the red mouth is matte, it’s even better!

4- With red lipstick: Grey smoky-eyes makeup

20181017 4 lipsss

If there is one color that goes perfectly with red and red lips, it’s grey. For an evening out or any other event, gray smoky-eyes are as elegant, sexy and refined as can be, so they go very well with red lipstick. Gray eye shadow will enhance any eye color. Grey eyeshadow will also enhance your complexion and your beautiful red lips.

5- With red lipstick: Brown shiny smoky-eyes makeup

20181017 5 lipsss

The particularity of the brown smoky-eyes is that it goes with everything and especially with red lip makeup, it is the one we recommend first, the association with brown blush, it is the base. The smoky brown look is complementary to all skin tones. It is perfect for all occasions. Play up the intensity of your look with a touch of highlighter on top of the colored shade above the blush. This will make your eyes look even sexier and will match perfectly with your red mouth.

6- With red lipstick: Blue winged eyes makeup

20181017 6 lipss

To enlarge your eyes and highlight them as much as your red mouth, don’t hesitate to apply a colored eyeliner with your lipstick. For this, trust the blue color that goes with any type of eye color and that will make your eyes more luminous and soft, in perfect association with a beautiful red lipstick (matte for example or glossy for a more advanced effect). The blue pencil will be your main seduction asset.

7- With red lipstick: Copper sparkles smoky-eyes makeup

20181017 7 lipss

A super sensual and glamorous copper orange smoky-eye creates a warm atmosphere in this sad and dark autumn, a real cameo that will go with red lips. This unique and very bold beauty look flatters and enhances all skin tones, it is perfect to enhance a whole look while remaining easy to wear and sober with the red mouth. It goes perfectly with beautiful red lips since the shades are in the same family.

8- With red lipstick: Makeup romantic beauty look

20181017 8 lipsss

You have a date soon with the one who makes your heart beat, you are presented tomorrow the famous “colleague”? You want to be the most beautiful and desirable of the evening! For this femme fatale makeup, opt for a slightly smoky-eyes with nude and glittery shades accompanied by a cat-eye liner. Associated with beautiful red lips worked, it can not resist you longer.

9- With red lipstick: Nude smoky-eyes makeup

20181017 9 lipsss

For a 0 defect makeup, bet on a nude smoky-eyes. You can’t go wrong. To bring pep and style to your beauty look, adopt red lips without further ado. A glamorous, sexy touch is guaranteed. Your face will be the most breathtaking thanks to this incredible make-up. #nudeforever

10- With red lipstick: Glamorous makeup

20181017 10 lipss

This is definitely the most suitable beauty look for an evening makeup. On the mobile eyelid, a nude blush will do the trick with a thick line of eyeliner. On the inner corner of the eye, you can either add a bright touch with a highlighter or a perfect glittery gold shadow. Don’t forget the glowy, tanned complexion with a wonderful red mouth. If you want to go further I suggest you to discover the red acrylic nails.

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