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11 beautiful ways to wear purple nails polish

Purple rain, purple raiiiiiin!

If there is a color that you have trouble taming in everyday life, it’s purple. You hesitate to wear it on your clothes, you are reluctant to wear it on your lips and nails and you prefer its easier to wear cousins… burgundy red or black red. Yes, purple is pretty, but how much do you need to wear it to be stylish? With some inspiration, your mind might change.

But purple is not to be ignored! In all its shades, whether light or dark, purple is very trendy and contrary to what we may think easily wearable, no matter your skin tone. Whether it’s for a hair color, lipstick or manicure, you definitely don’t have to take purple out of your ideas.

Singer Justine Skye is a perfect example. In fact, she has, for many years, worn purple for her hair color, often accompanied by a plum colored lipstick, which is a shade of purple. And this color has become a bit of a signature and has inspired more than one!

Purple has not yet said its last word. Timeless color, it is creative and refreshing when we tend to lock ourselves in a routine a little too dull with his usual pink polish or the classic red. So, if you can wear purple on your hair, why not think about it to embellish your hands by choosing for your manicure a pretty purple nail polish or a nice nail-art with purple reminders on each nail?

The best way to wear purple without being afraid of overdoing it is of course in the form of nail art. What better way than to tame it at the end of your pretty hands?

And to finish convincing you and inspire you a little more, here are 10 sublime ways to wear purple nail polish that you can be inspired for your next beauty appointment during the manicure stage at your nail artist!

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1 – Purple varnish: The dark purple matte varnish

20160504 purplenails0405 2Source : Tempaninails

We can occasionally leave aside the glossy version of the purple varnish for a matte purple varnish. We found you a nice inspiration of a purple matte nail polish from the brand OPI. You can find it in beauty stores or on the brand’s websites if you opt for delivery, like Sephora or Amazon, it is also possible to do it in a salon by a professional or at home!

If you are more used to wearing a manicure made with a gel or semi-permanent nail polish, apply your purple gel or semi-permanent nail polish and once dry, you will only need a coat of UV/LED matte top coat on top of the purple to catalyze under the UV lamp to finalize your manicure.

2 – Violet polish: One shade of violet per nail

Another idea to add to the list of purple nail polish inspirations is the cameo of colors, in this case purple. This technique consists of using several shades of purple in order to create a purple gradient with one shade of purple per nail for original nails. Hot, isn’t it?

3 – Purple nails: Purple marble nails

Definition: purple marbled nails. Here again, we play with the shades between dark purple, light purple, a little touch of white and lilac purple to create the marbled purple marbled effect. There are lots of tutorials on YouTube about this nail trend that should be in your “must do manicure” list!

For this purple nail art, it’s best to go to a professional who will use a gel polish for your nails.

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4 – Purple polish: A simple touch of purple

You don’t have to use purple on all your nails if you are skeptical about this color. You can also combine purple with another color like pink for example. Indeed, pink and purple are colors that work very well together, especially when pink and purple are pastel colors.

A nude nail base for a pink and purple nail art, perfect for your next manicure!

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5 – Purple Nail Polish: The purple glitter for your nails

20160504 purplenails0405 7Source : We Heart It

For an event, glitter always works for a look and on nails! So, why not opt for a glittery purple for your nails? It will be a nice change from black or red!

Do you know hwo to wear Purple Makeup Looks ? Look at this article !

A glittery purple might be a bit too much for an everyday manicure, so we recommend press on nails, these gel nails that you can put on your natural nails and take them off whenever you want! These ready-made nails are made by a nail artist and are stored in a box after being cleaned to be reused later. We love it!

6 – Purple Nail Polish: The French manicure revisited

Purple Nail Polish: The French manicure revisited

Another trend that is back in fashion: the French manicure. This technique which consists in putting a touch of white only on the end of the nails to redraw them, nowadays, we add color like red, pink, black or even purple! You can put the color of your choice, so purple, to customize your French manicure and even add glitter and match your fingernails with your toenails!

7 – Purple polish: The purple baby boomer

Purple polish: The purple baby boomer

The baby boomer is very trendy and like the French manicure it can be done with different colors, including purple, but a rather pastel purple. This type of purple will be perfect for your nails in summer, if you have planned a vacation by the water!

8 – Purple Nail Polish: Purple Cloud Nail Art=Purple polish: The purple baby boomer

Thanks to the gel varnish, there is a possibility to make a nail-art with a cloud style that is very trendy too, which we see a lot on Instagram and this manicure with purple is beautiful with golden leaves on each nail.

9 – Purple nail art: Purple on some nails

Purple nail art: Purple on some nails

Not all of your nails can have purple, but a simple purple reminder with three colored fingers and the other two with a little touch of purple in the form of a French manicure. It’s both simple and original and purple works well for this manicure style!

10 – Purple polish: Classic purple glossy nails

Purple polish: Classic purple glossy nails

If you’re looking for something simple but want to embrace purple in a refined way, you can do a lilac purple manicure, a pretty shade of purple, a very pastel color and nice to wear on your nails in all seasons.

Unlike the matte version, a gel polish or a semi-permanent polish with a glossy finish will give your manicure that very girly side and purple does the job!

With these 10 ways to wear purple on your nails, we’re sure you’ll end up choosing this gorgeous color for your next manicure but also that you’ll match it with your toenails to show off in the summer when you’re on vacation at the water’s edge with your purple nails or simply to have THE coolest manicure in purple!

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4. Purple coffin with marble and rhinestone art

Purple can be such a soft, subtle color. But, if you prefer bolder nail art, this mani shows how to wear purple in a more statement way. Two nails are the very light shade while one nail is matte and a shade darker. One nail also features purple marble art and the last one is covered in rhinestones. We love this because of the different art used and because of the glamorous accent nail. You can find coffin nail tutorials on YouTube.

Déclaration ongles violets avec art en marbre et strass

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